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Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in mixing ingredients to make something new. Growing up, I realized I have a gift for cooking and hosting, and decided to turn my passion into a thriving career. I am always exploring new flavors and new and exciting cooking methods. My recipes are unique and delicious, and my services are simply unmatched. If you want to learn more, simply reach out today.


I have worked in hospitality since the age of 15 so I figured it was time to venture out and start my own business. After eight years of serving my country in the United States Coast Guard I went to culinary school. I attended the Art Institute of San Diego and obtained my associates degree in baking and pastry and a bachelors degree in culinary management. While in school I received several awards for my culinary skills as well as worked at one of the top restaurants in San Diego. Two years ago my husband and I relocated to Wisconsin where I continue my career as a pastry chef and hope to share my vision and inspire you with quality ingredients and techniques.   

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